Washington, DC

Colorado Building

Complete exterior historic restoration of a limestone and brick Beaux-Arts style building built in 1922. The work included 100% repointing of all the limestone, selective repointing of the brick masonry, limestone and granite patching, removal and replacement of all sealant joints, EIFS repair and coating, installation of new expansion joint systems, refurbishing and restoration of […]

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Liberty Plaza/Fireman’s Insurance Building

Exterior renovation of an 1882 Queen Anne style brick building structure. The work included selective masonry joint re-pointing, exterior masonry cleaning, installation of new sealant in vertical expansion joints, replacement of all window and base stone perimeter sealant, selective masonry patching, securing existing exterior wall base stone with helical anchors, fabrication and installation of new

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Watergate West Roof Coating Replacement

Replacement of approximatiely 15,000 SF of existing deteriorated roof membrane system in conjunction with the reconstruction of the balcony dividing walls and electrical upgrades. The elimination of ponding water at specific locations was vital and was corrected using Sikalastic 720 Base (Sloping) prior to the application of the Sikalastic RoofPro System. Performing this work while

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George Mason Memorial

The George Mason Memoial is a national memorial to Founding Father George Mason. In 2002, it was the first memorial to be dedicated not to a president in the Tidal Basin. The project included; cleaning of the limestone memorial and stone plaza, removal and replacement of the existing stone plaza joints and silicate coating of

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Washington Nationals Baseball Club

Nationals Park which opened March 30, 2018, was showing signs of expansion joint failures throughout the seating bowl and concourse levels. A multiyear systematic expansion joint replacement program began in 2014 and is ongoing. The expansion joints systems are custom fabricated off site based on detailed field measurements, shop drawings and templates. The durability and

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Holocaust Memorial Museum

Washington D.C. Designed by the late James Freed of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum is a major institution dedicated to educating the public about the Holocaust. Our restoration work included repairing damaged limestone copings, removal and relocation of lightning protection anchors, fabrication and installation of fifteen (15) limestone dutchman and

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U.S. Capitol Building

Washington, D.C. The United States Capitol Dome is composed of cast iron plates secured to cast iron structural members. The iron serves as both structure and envelope protecting the interior from the elements. Throughout the dome there was moisture intrusion problems related to the joints (butt and overlapping) of the cast iron plates. Our scope

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Andrew Jackson Statue

Washington, D.C. Sculpted by Clark Mills, the Andrew Jackson Statue is the centerpiece of Lafayette Park. The large bronze statue portrays Major General Andrew Jackson as he appeared while reviewing the troops at the Battle of New Orleans. Our restoration work focused on the marble base which included exterior cleaning, repointing and installation of three

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