About Us

Standard Restoration & Waterproofing Co., Inc. is a full service specialty contractor offering a diverse range of restoration and preservation services for the greater Washington region. Our craftsmen work to the highest possible standards to preserve long-term value of historical, religious, institutional, and commercial structures. We offer carefully considered, expertly vetted solutions for our clients’ masonry restoration, structural restoration and waterproofing needs.


The craftsmen at Standard Restoration & Waterproofing draw on their extensive experience and expert knowledge of masonry techniques to safely repair, restore, reproduce, and clean all types of masonry structures. We use both traditional and modern materials to restore, repair and maintain masonry structures. We also provide expert assessments, forensic investigations and budget preparation services.


Standard Restoration and Waterproofing is a proud member of the following industry organizations:

Our reliability and exceptional craftsmanship provide outstanding quality and value for a wide range of restoration and repair needs. Our experience includes numerous projects at prominent landmarks and historical sites, such as:

  • Beverley Mills (1742)
  • Congressional Cemetery (1807)
  • St. Mary’s Historic Seminary Chapel (1808)
  • Liberia Plantation House (1825)
  • U.S. Capitol Dome (1865)
  • Franciscan Monastery (1899)
  • National Air and Space Museum (1976)
  • All Angels Church Pulpit and Choir Rail, Metropolitan Museum of Art (1900)